Applications open - Demand the Impossible, London 2018

Demand the Impossible is a three day course in London from October 12th-14th. FREE, with lunch and travel costs included, but places are limited. Venue: Paddington Arts Centre32 Woodfield Road, W9 2BE.



Protest, political activism and ideas to change the world

We live in a time of crisis. From Trump to Tommy Robinson, racism and xenophobia are on the rise. After a summer of heatwaves and fires across the world, climate change is having deadly impacts that are set to get worse. And cuts, the housing crisis and low wages are hurting millions right now, with young people bearing the brunt. 

But there’s hope: movements for change are everywhere. Hundreds of thousands came out into the streets to stand up to Trump and Theresa May’s attempts to cosy up a racist and misogynist. People are openly questioning capitalism - words like ‘socialism’ and ‘communism’ are back in conversation. From Barcelona to London movements are fighting for their rights in housing, work and control over their lives.

If you want to understand what’s happening better, and explore how we can change things, Demand the Impossible is for you. 


What does Demand the Impossible involve?

  • Meet like-minded young people from across London. Share ideas and experiences in a lively, supportive environment

  • Interactive sessions on topics such as capitalism, colonialism, climate change, London’s housing crisis, and how to fight for social change

  • Talks from cutting edge activists and campaigners with in-depth analysis and real life experience of social movements

  • Pathways into dynamic campaign groups active in London right now

Is Demand the Impossible for me? 

Demand the Impossible is aimed at young people who want to know more about politics and activism, and want to get more involved in trying to change things. Our experience is that lots of young people are angry about injustice in the world but don't get involved in campaigning because they lack confidence in their ideas, feel they don't know enough, don't know where to start or don't know people they can do things with. Demand the Impossible creates a space where you can explore ideas, learn from others and build connections. 


Widening participation

We welcome applications from everyone aged 17-25 but we prioritise making Demand the Impossible available to people from less privileged backgrounds. We use the government Widening Participation criteria as a guide in reviewing applications. That doesn't mean you can't apply if you don't meet the criteria  though - there is some flexibility. 


For more information on how Demand the Impossible started, what its aims are and what the course is like see our About page.