Demand the Impossible 2019

Thurs evenings, October-December


Applications now open!

Demand the Impossible is a three-month evening course on politics and activism for 17-25 year olds. It will be held in London on Thursday evenings from October 17th - December 12th 2019.

FREE, including food at each session and with some assistance with travel costs available, but places are limited. The deadline for applications has been extended to midnight Sunday October 13th.

Venue: Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London, WC1H 9BD

Demand the Impossible is about ideas for action. We go beyond simply listing the many things wrong with the world, and use talks and participatory discussions to help young people to clarify their ideas, make connections between the different forms of injustice we face, and - most importantly - learn about resistance today and throughout history. DI also provides opportunities to get involved in activism - we'll introduce you to a range of grassroots groups that will welcome and support you, and we'll create the time, space and networks for you to share experiences with other course participants and support one another in a friendly and informal environment.

Demand the Impossible 2019 is aimed at young people aged 17-25 who have some interest in organising and campaigning for social change. We welcome both young people who want to take action but are unsure how to take the first step and those who have already been to demonstrations or had some involvement with campaign groups but want to get much more active. You should also have an interest in getting to grips with political ideas and perspectives - like capitalism, colonialism and patriarchy - that can help us to understand what needs to change and how we can transform society together. Read more about the themes of the course below, and here to read what previous participants and speakers say about Demand the Impossible.



Protest, political activism and ideas to change the world

We live in a time of crisis. From Trump to Boris Johnson, racism and xenophobia are on the rise. After another summer of heatwaves, floods and fires across the world, climate change is having deadly impacts that are set to get worse. And cuts, the housing crisis, debt and low wages are hurting millions right now, with young people bearing the brunt.

But there’s hope: movements for change are everywhere. Hundreds of thousands came out into the streets to stand up to racist bigots Trump and Boris Johnson. School and college students across the world have walked out of class and thousands of protestors shut down central London to demand governments recognise the climate emergency. People are openly questioning capitalism - words like ‘socialism’ and ‘communism’ are back in conversation.

If you want to understand what’s happening better, and explore how we can change things, Demand the Impossible is for you.


What does Demand the Impossible involve?

  • Meet like-minded young people from across London. Share ideas and experiences in a lively, supportive environment.

  • Interactive sessions on topics such as capitalism, colonialism, climate crisis, feminism, the future of work, and how to fight for social change.

  • Talks from cutting edge activists and campaigners with in-depth analysis and real life experience of social movements.

  • Pathways into dynamic campaign groups active in London right now

Is Demand the Impossible for me? 

Demand the Impossible is aimed at young people who want to develop their understanding of politics and activism, and want to get more involved in movements and campaigns for change. You may be angry about injustice, and you might even have gone to protests or meetings, but perhaps you’re looking for ways to get more involved, have more impact and get a fuller understanding of how we transform society. Demand the Impossible creates a space where you can explore ideas and experiences of activism, learn from others and build connections.


Widening participation

We welcome applications from everyone aged 17-25 but we prioritise making Demand the Impossible available to people from less privileged backgrounds. We use the government Widening Participation criteria as a guide in reviewing applications. That doesn't mean you can't apply if you don't meet the criteria  though - there is some flexibility.


We expect Demand the Impossible to be oversubscribed so please read the information above and on our About page thoroughly and take some care with your application. We recommend you draft your application on an email or Word document first before copying and pasting onto the form via the APPLY button below.